Ricciardo did not regret leaving Red Bull: “Monza victory made everything worth it”


Daniel Ricciardo decided in 2019 to turn his back on Red Bull Racing and turn to the Renault team. The Australian never really thought about reducing the chances of winning, but admits that his career choices made his victory for McLaren at Monza taste extra sweet.

It came in 2019 as a big surprise. Ricciardo had seen enough at Red Bull, one of the big teams in Formula 1, and he decided to drive for the Renault team. With that, he lost a significant percentage when it comes to chances of victories and riding in the upper echelons of the royal class. Although Ricciardo always showed that he did not regret his choices, for a while it was different driving for the Australian.


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In conversation with The Race, the current McLaren driver is asked whether he did not think negatively about his dwindling chances of victories at the time. “I didn’t really think about the emerging difficulties for the next few years at the time. I didn’t really have the idea in my head that Monaco might be the last time I could celebrate a win. I knew I might be a would have to work a lot harder for good results,” the smiling driver looks back.


He continues his speech. “My goal was to get Renault back on the podium. When that worked, I got a lot of satisfaction from it together with the team.” Ricciardo then left for McLaren, where he finally won again at Monza in 2021. “Monza made it all worth it in the end. It was great to be on the top step again. There is definitely an enormous amount of pride in achieving such a result with another team. I just love winning, so it was good to do that again,” he concludes.

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