Ricciardo did not think he would leave the opportunity for victories behind with Red Bull


Daniel Ricciardo has had no doubts that he would never win again after his term at Red Bull Racing. He left the Austrian stable behind and decided to go to a less strong team, Renault, and then make the switch to McLaren. With McLaren, he won in 2021, which he believed was only a matter of time.

The Race asks the Australian if he expected that he would never stand on the highest steps of the podium after his departure from Red Bull. “I never thought about it that way when I’ve had a hard time in recent years,” says Ricciardo. “I never thought, ‘Was Monaco the last time I finished on the podium?’ I just thought I probably had to work a little harder for it.’

Ricciardo achieves success with Renault and McLaren

That hard work continued to be done by Ricciardo, and it already paid off in 2020. After years, it was the experienced man from Perth who once again gave Renault a podium place. “That was a big goal of ours,” continues Ricciardo. ‘I got a lot of satisfaction from that. That satisfaction was not only with myself, but also with the rest of the team.’ Former team boss Cyril Abiteboul even had to get a tattoo because of his driver’s success.

At the 2021 Monza Grand Prix, Ricciardo returned to the podium again, but last year he was allowed to climb the highest step again. He was able to win for McLaren and he is very proud of that. “Monza made it all worth it,” he reflects. “It also brings a certain pride to do it with another team. McLaren is also certainly not the least team.’

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