Robson sees ‘too intelligent’ Latifi: ‘He can’t follow his instincts’


Dave Robson, Williams’ head of vehicle performance, hopes Nicholas Latifi can get even more out of the car in 2022. According to the engineer, the Canadian thinks too much when he’s in the cockpit. This season, Latifi once again failed to match team-mate George Russell and often the car lacked the speed to compete in midfield. Robson hopes Williams can give the drivers a good car next season.

This year, Latifi scored twice points. The first time in Hungary and then in Belgium. Still, Robson is mainly hoping for a more consistent rider season. “It went up and down for him again this year,” the Briton told “There were always big differences between qualifying and the race. Yet we still see great talent in Nicholas. He knows the car very well and can tell us exactly when something is not right.’

Robson sees that the problem mainly lies with Latifi himself. Despite his talent, the driver can still make strides mentally. “He has everything he needs, but he needs to trust his instincts a bit more,” the engineer continues. “He always thinks too much before doing anything. He seems almost too intelligent to get into a car and then blindly follow his instincts. We know he does have those instincts.”

‘A fast car will bring peace’

Next season, Latifi will ride alongside Alexander Albon. In addition, the drivers will have to deal with completely new cars. “Next year will be a reset for everyone in Formula 1. I think there is a good chance for us and Nicholas to have a really good season. We just have to give him a fast car, because then he can calm down a bit. If we have a good car, I think Latifi will be able to follow his instincts more,” said Robson.

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