Rosberg: ‘Unbelievable what Verstappen showed against a Hamilton in top form’


Max Verstappen is the best driver of the season according to Nico Rosberg. The Dutchman took his first world title and was therefore better than Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time world champion could not match the performance and mentality of the Red Bull Racing driver, the German saw. “He was incredibly consistent this year.”

Rosberg is not the first to name Verstappen as driver of the year. Both the team bosses and the other drivers in Formula 1 label the Red Bull driver as the best. The single world champion saw a phenomenal year for Verstappen. “He was really exceptional in qualifying and incredibly consistent during the races,” Rosberg said in his own YouTube video. “To do that against a Hamilton in top form is of course unimaginable.”

The Bahrain race immediately set the tone for the rest of the season. Throughout the year, the two drivers had multiple wheel-to-wheel battles. Verstappen often left his competitor behind. “The wheel-to-wheel battles between Verstappen and Hamilton were of course of an exceptionally high level this year. Lewis is arguably the best at this kind of fight. This year you have to conclude that Verstappen was simply better in that area too.’

Verstappen’s performance behind the wheel was accompanied by a rock-solid mentality. “He only seems to get better when he’s under pressure,” the former Mercedes driver continues. “I got three tenths slower under pressure, while he gets two tenths faster.” Rosberg also stirs up a few races in which Verstappen did not reach the finish through no fault of his own. “He’s really had a lot more bad luck than Lewis. If you include everything, you have to put Max first.’

‘Hamilton more up and down’

Despite Rosberg putting the Red Bull driver at number one, he saw that his former teammate had a great season. However, there was a clear difference between the two title competitors. “We must not forget that Lewis also had an epic season. He just had more ups and downs than Max. During the season you also saw Valtteri Bottas beat him a few times in qualifying. That’s why he’s in second place,” said Rosberg.

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