Russell considers Wolff most important man in career: “He has the last word”


After a period of gaining experience with the Williams team, George Russell will have the opportunity to prove himself at the Mercedes team. The young Briton is grateful to Toto Wolff for the opportunity and sees the 2020 Bahrain race as a tipping point.

It seemed a long time coming, but after five years of Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes has finally chosen to give the talented Russell the chance alongside Lewis Hamilton, when the seven-time world champion returns to the grid in 2022. Russell has been driving for it since 2019. Williams team and, given the mediocre car of Williams, it was quite difficult there with some regularity. Still, he let there be glimpses of his talent every now and then.


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That was rewarded in 2020, when he was allowed to serve at Mercedes as the replacement for the ailing Hamilton. “Wolff believed in me and had faith in me, even when I finished last every weekend,” Russell tells Next-Gen Auto. “Bahrain 2020 was the key moment. All doubts that were there for the outside world at the time were removed. It was a separate and quite crazy race for everyone, when I think about it.”

outside world

Nevertheless, according to the youngster, Wolff has never doubted the qualities of the top talent. “Wolff is the one who has the last word. He believed in me. Because he followed my career so closely, I thought he thought he knew what I’m capable of. Bahrain probably hasn’t changed his mind, but to the outside world more things became clear and it became clearer why Wolff wanted to go for me,” he concludes.

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