Russell expects busy season at Mercedes: “2022 will be the most intense year”


George Russell assumes that the upcoming season at Mercedes will be extremely intense. Not only will the busiest Formula 1 calendar ever be held, the young Briton is also expected to participate in the many marketing activities for the German team.

Russell makes the switch from Williams to Mercedes. The 23-year-old Briton has been knocking on the door of the German racing stable for some time and next season he can show what he is worth next to Lewis Hamilton.


Russell expects a busy year, he tells “I do think 2022 is going to be the most intense year of my entire life. Not only because of the busy calendar, but also because of the off-track activities such as marketing .”


With the relatively small team of Williams, the agenda is less full: “In that regard, I was lucky at Williams, because we didn’t have a lot of marketing activities there.” That is different at Mercedes, the team has a lot of sponsors, who all have activities ready for the drivers. “That is an obligation that we as drivers also have to comply with,” concludes Russell.

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