Russell thinks the switch to Mercedes is a bit late: “Two years at Williams would have been perfect”


George Russell would rather see the move to Mercedes come a year earlier. Nevertheless, he is happy with the move to the top team. Still, he believes two years at Williams would have been enough.

The brand new Mercedes driver started his Formula 1 career as a regular driver at Williams in 2019. At that time, the team was already in the downward spiral and much credit for the young Brit was not to be had. Only last season did he have a number of highlights, of which the second place in Belgium is memorable.

Natural speed

The time at Williams has been instructive, Russell told Motorsport-Magazin : “How can I better manage the tires on a cold day in Brazil? How do I get the most out of my mechanics? How can I adjust the car better?” These were the questions Russell got answers to for himself over the past year. In terms of speed, he was already at the limit: “Your natural speed doesn’t get better that quickly.”

Too long at Williams

The Mercedes driver confirms that he thinks he has been with Williams for too long: “Of course I am a better driver at the moment than when I started. But I do think that two years would have been perfect.” At the end of 2020, Russell got the chance in the Mercedes, when Hamilton was absent for one race. After that, the young Briton wanted more, but he knew what he had signed for: “We had signed a three-year contract with Williams, so there was no other decision either.”

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