Sainz has a label of hard worker: ‘I don’t know how that is and why that is’


Carlos Sainz has always had the label of a driver with less talent, but who mainly relies on hard work. Sainz does not share that view and finds it strange that some people think so. He mentions a few examples with which he indicates that he does have talent and that he can make things quite difficult for his colleagues.

“If you don’t have talent, you wouldn’t be able to set a fast lap in qualifying,” Sainz told Marca. ‘So we mainly talk about talent, I fill the rest with work. I seem to have a reputation as a worker and not as a talent. I don’t know why or why that is.’ The Ferrari driver managed to climb the podium four times last season and finished fifth in the drivers’ final standings.

Sainz: ‘It seems like I’m going fast because I work hard’

“It seems like I’m going fast because I work hard, but you can’t adapt to a car without talent. Just ask Charles or Lando and my team bosses what I can do. They certainly have respect for me.’ The 27-year-old Spaniard is not too concerned with the criticism that there is on him. He tries to read as little Formula 1 news as possible and mainly focuses on a good atmosphere within the team. ‘My philosophy is to create a calm working atmosphere within the team.’

“There’s enough pressure and competition in Formula 1 already, so I think it’s important not to increase that in your own team. In the end, it will also benefit you if you get along well.’ The criticism that there is on him is ignored because he tries to read as little news as possible. “I follow other sports such as football and golf, but I try to avoid Formula 1 news. There is only praise or criticism in the media and never a good middle ground,” said Sainz.

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