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Formula 1 drivers earn millions, especially the top ones. Top drivers such as Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have a salary of tens of millions per year. The contrast with the drivers in the rear is great, they sometimes have to make do with a million or less.

Max Verstappen is in position number two in the overview of the best paid F1 drivers. He will be credited around 25 million dollars in 2022. That is still considerably less than Lewis Hamilton, who with seven world titles in his pocket can call himself the list leader with 40 million dollars.

Compared to last year, there were few driver changes in Formula 1. That means that the fluctuations between the salaries of last year and this year are not so great for the drivers. In addition, Valtteri Bottas earns just as much this year at Alfa Romeo as last year at Mercedes. The fact that Toto Wolff is part of his management will certainly not be a bad thing for him.

FPAL prepared the full overview of the salaries of Formula 1 drivers in 2022. Various sources within Formula 1 and teams were consulted to make the list as reliable as possible. All amounts are exclusive of any driver performance bonuses and income from personal sponsors. Drivers with a + behind their contract year have an option to extend their contract.

Below you can check that same overview, but in our video!

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