Schumacher looks back on debut season: ‘We have performed really well with what we have’


Mick Schumacher has had his first season as a Formula 1 driver and looks back on it with satisfaction. While Haas’ car was certainly the worst car on the grid in 2021, Schumacher has still had good moments with the car. The German himself is also well developed and has taken all the experience of the past season with him.

“We have done really well with the package we have,” Schumacher told Auto, Motor und Sport. ‘That motivates us for the future.’ Haas’ car was not developed further from the beginning of 2021 and the American team therefore focused completely on next season’s car. Haas team principal Guenther Steiner himself said there was nothing to gain with the car. “We practically drove the car from the year before,” adds Schumacher.

Schumacher: ‘We have taken advantage of the opportunities on the basis of trust’

“We knew that there would be no further developments of the car, but there were also moments when it went very well, such as in Turkey,” says the 22-year-old Haas driver. The German felt that he and his team were able to get the most out of the car at the time. Schumacher’s development also influenced the relatively good race in Turkey. “You could do 100 races and find something in the 101st race that would make you even faster. By the end of the season we understood the car so well that we quickly knew what to do to make the car feel good.”

The German Haas driver says that there was not really a moment when it clicked, but that little by little he started to get used to the car. “On the basis of trust, we have increasingly exploited the possibilities of the car.” Still, Schumacher has also learned a lot of things during his debut season. Especially in the beginning he had trouble with the level of Formula 1. ‘In Monaco you lose almost 100 percent down force, but as a newcomer you can’t imagine that. During training you can go full throttle through the bend, but during a restless start you can drive the car straight ahead. You have to experience it and learn from it.’

Schumacher hopes for a good car for 2022

Although Schumacher was not able to fight for points at all this season, Haas hopes to deliver a better car next season and of course to collect points. The team finished last with zero points in 2021 and of course it does not hope for a repeat. The 22-year-old German is also not yet sure what to expect from the 2022 car. “I haven’t ridden him in the simulator yet. We don’t currently have our own simulator either. I will probably only get into the car for the first time in Barcelona,” Schumacher concluded.

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