Schumacher positive about scoreless season: “Despite that very successful year”


Mick Schumacher was unable to do much with the material at his disposal in his first season in Formula 1. Still, he looks back on his rookie season with satisfaction.

It was no easy feat for Michael Schumacher’s young son. It was impossible to impress in the Haas and the German spent most of the season mainly at the back of the grid, where he fought the necessary battles with Nikita Mazepin. It’s not the most ideal scenario, but this way Schumacher learned a hard lesson in fighting at the back of the grid.

No points scored

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Looking back on the season, the German is quite positive, looking at the difficult situation. “I think we were able to tick most of the boxes on the list,” he told “Of course there was also a box open to score points. Although that did not work out, it has been a very successful year and we were able to get everything out of it”, he looks back on the season, in which he eventually finished nineteenth.

take a big step

Haas has already hinted several times that the focus on the 2021 car was not there and that they mainly wanted to focus on 2022 and all new regulations. “As we approach the next season, there is certainly more expected. I also expect more from myself. Hopefully I can take a big step just like in the past, but I’m pretty sure of that. We’re going to have a blast and then it will come I’m sure it’s good,” he finally says.

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