Steiner about disappointing season: “We did not suddenly become stupid”


Haas team principal Günther Steiner is happy that one of the most difficult seasons in Formula 1 is finally over. The American team did not have the speed this year and finished colorless last in the final standings.

The team had chosen to suspend development of the 2021 car so that the focus could move to next season. It gave Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher a car that was too slow to play any significant role. The two could therefore regularly duel alone with each other.

Small successes

Steiner knew what to expect this year, but acknowledges at Motorsport-Magazin that it has been a difficult year. “It was definitely tough for me personally. I knew what to expect, but if you have to endure it, it’s tougher than you can imagine,” the Italian kicks off. According to Steiner, Haas should mainly focus on the small successes. For the American team, that also meant if the team worked well and made no mistakes. “We don’t make many mistakes, but the car is just too slow. What can we do about that?”, says the team boss.

Stop developing

The Haas team entered Formula 1 in 2016 and performance has really only gone down. The striking team boss emphasizes that it is not the team’s fault: “We have not become stupid in a few years. We have not made any progress since last year because we stopped developing, while others did. Also in 2019 we were already not there. strong. That’s why this isn’t unexpected.”

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