Steiner didn’t understand continued criticism of Mazepin: “They didn’t leave him alone”


Nikita Mazepin has been a regular topic of conversation both before and during the 2021 season. Guenther Steiner is surprised that the ‘hatred’ towards his driver has persisted for so long and mainly focuses on the well-known video that surfaced before the season.

Mazepin’s entry into the royal class was by no means without a struggle. Even before the Russian had ridden one meter, he was already the target of hatred towards his person. One of the main reasons was the leaking of a video before the new season. The Russian threw a video on his Instagram showing him groping a woman in the car. He was subject to a lot of comments and accusations of misogynistics against him were a fact. Haas described the incident as “repulsive.”

Stay calm

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Nevertheless, the young Russian was accepted into grace and he started his adventure in Formula 1. Yet it immediately made for a difficult situation to manage for Steiner and his staff. GPFans asked the Italian about his findings at the time. “I managed to keep calm. I talked to him and it was clear to him that he had done something wrong. He shouldn’t have done it.”

Steiner doesn’t get it

Steiner continues. “He is still a young guy and everyone deserves a second chance. I got over it quickly,” he says. “Yet there were a lot of people who couldn’t let go. That surprised me. So many things happen in the world that people do let go quickly. They didn’t leave him alone for a long time. I really don’t understand why, maybe that is but better too. At the bottom of the line it was not a good start with so many distractions,” he concludes.

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