Steiner scolded Schumacher and Mazepin after non-cooperative season start


Günther Steiner reprimanded his drivers at the beginning of 2021 when he noticed that the gentlemen were going too far. Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin didn’t have the equipment to fight for points, and were mostly doomed to each other in the past year. This sometimes resulted in intense fights between the two rookies. The Haas team boss was not pleased.

Steiner told Motorsport-Total that he considered it necessary to intervene during the 2021 season. “At the beginning of the year they fought each other. We then said the following to them: ‘Guys, you are competing for nineteenth place. That doesn’t help the team.’ At a certain point they understood that.’

“In Formula 1, it’s not always about beating your fellow driver. Sometimes you have to make strategic choices that are good for the team. It’s that simple,” continues the Italian. Although Haas invariably drove outside the points, the American racing stable demanded a cooperative attitude from the two F1 drivers. It was not there at the beginning of the year.

What didn’t help in that was the fact that Haas doesn’t favor either driver. “We don’t have a first and second driver. They get the same opportunities, but we want what’s best for the team,” the team boss concluded. The fact that neither driver is preferred over the other also means that both youngsters figuratively asked for priority on the circuit.

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