Steiner sees Schumacher at Ferrari in the future: “His goal is to drive with them”


Gunther Steiner hopes that Mick Schumacher will drive at Ferrari in the future, but at the same time he hopes not to lose his star driver any time soon. The German failed to score points with Haas in 2021, but outperformed his teammate Nikita Mazepin in almost every race.

“To be honest, I hope Mick goes to Ferrari one day, but I can’t say yet,” Steiner told GPFans. “I hope so, but at the same time I hope not too much.” Should Schumacher move to Ferrari after his Haas adventure, it would seem like a repeat of George Russell’s adventure. The Briton first drove for three years with the Williams team and then moved to Mercedes.

Steiner: “His goal is to ride with them”

“If he does very well I don’t want him to leave, but at the same time there is a good chance that it will happen. Ferrari has of course supported him throughout his career and his goal is to drive with them,” said Steiner. Schumacher is part of the Ferrari Driver Academy and will also be Ferrari’s reserve driver next season.

Still, Schumacher was disappointing in 2021, but that was partly due to the car he had to drive. Next year, the driver will therefore also want to prove what he can do. The German became Formula 2 champion in 2020: “I think he has a good chance of going to Ferrari if he continues to shine,” says Steiner, who does not think Schumacher’s mistakes are shameful. “We all know that 2021 has been a learning year, but next year the pressure will be higher.”

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