Success team around Verstappen is preparing for ‘new dynamics’ in 2022


Four years in a row, the Red Bull of Max Verstappen, among others, won the DHL Fastest Pitstop Award with convincing figures. It’s something that Jonathan Wheatley gets a lot of satisfaction from. As team manager, he is responsible for ensuring that the pit stops run smoothly.

“I feel a lot of passion for that and I have enjoyed that role for years,” he says in a Red Bull video on the theme of pit stops. “The team has had great success four years in a row and I think consistency and the desire to be the best and the safest is in our DNA.”

Performing pit stops is top sport!

According to Wheatley, people often make the mistake of thinking that the material is decisive at a pit stop, but the team manager emphasizes that it is mainly a human matter: “That’s why we work hard with those guys on their mindset and keeping a strong torso fit. After all, you don’t want to get injured and end the season with the same people you started with.”

Next year, the pit stops will look slightly different for the mechanics when the 13-inch wheels are replaced with larger, heavier 18-inch wheels. That secretly changes quite a bit, Wheatley knows: “As I say this, we have never performed a practice pit stop with those kinds of wheels. The dynamics will be completely different next year. Consistency will be key more than ever and we will continue to into the winter.”

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