The reason Mercedes had such a fast engine in the second part of 2021


Mercedes F1 Media

In the first half of the 2021 season it seemed as clear as can be: Red Bull Racing had a faster car than Mercedes. But after the summer break, this lead suddenly seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Especially the last part of the year – from the Grand Prix of Brazil – the Mercedes W12 was supreme. Helmut Marko explains why.

According to the Red Bull adviser, the German rival had found a flaw in the electrical part of the engine, which they were able to solve for the British Grand Prix. As a result, the dominant power source was not the Honda but the Mercedes engine.

This meant that Red Bull Racing could not fully focus on 2022, but that it also had to deal with the current season. Had they not done this, Lewis Hamilton would have taken his eighth world title away.

“We had to develop further, because Mercedes had taken a big step with their engine. On the electrical side, they managed to generate more power. This was especially evident during the first two laps after a start or restart. That’s why they had more energy available than we did.” Marko told Auto, Motor und Sport.

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