These Dutchmen participate in the Dakar Rally 2022


The 44th edition of the Dakar Rally will start on Saturday January 1 in Jeddah. More than 500 participants will participate in the Rally, which will be held in Saudi Arabia this year, just like last year. The Netherlands will again be well represented in Dakar in 2022. Where only sixteen Dutchmen appeared at the start due to the corona situation last year, this year 29 Dutch teams will participate in the desert rally.

With the motorcycles, three Dutchmen are at the start of Dakar and Mirjam Pol (photo below) is the most famous name. The 38-year-old has been participating in the rally in the desert for years and last year was still notable for his absence. This year she will try to score high again with her motorcycle. In addition to Pol, two Dutchmen are making their debut with the motorcycles. Both Wiljan van Wikselaar and Bram van der Wouden have never raced a Dakar before and are therefore participating for the first time this year.

Four Dutchmen appear at the start of the cars. Erik van Loon is missing this year, the veteran was felled by corona and will therefore have to cancel this edition. He will be replaced by Bernhard ten Brinke. Tim and Tom Coronel will participate again this year. This year the brothers will not drive the famous ‘Beast’, as in previous years, but will drive the ‘LION’ this year. Maik Willems and Henri van Steenbergen will also compete in the car classification.

Many debutants in Dakar 2022

Seven Dutchmen will start in the SSV class this year, with a striking number of drivers participating for the first time. Hans Weijs, André Thewessen, Jan de Wit and Jeffrey Otten will all appear at the start of Dakar in 2022. Gert-Jan van der Valk, who made his debut last year, will participate again this year.

By far the most Dutch people who participate in Dakar, fifteen, take place in a Truck. Team de Rooy is the most famous Dutch team and is represented this year with no fewer than four trucks in the desert rally. The Brabant team shone last year due to its absence, but is making a strong comeback this year.

Janus van Kasteren Jr, Mitchel van den Brink and Martin van den Brink will drive the trucks. Hans Stacey would drive the fourth truck, but he will be replaced by Vick Versteijnen for health reasons. William and Richard de Groot and Maurik van Heuvel are also present again.

Overview Dutch participants Dakar 2022

You can check the full Dutch contribution to the Dakar Rally of 2022 below. There are no Dutch participants in the quads

#40 Mirjam Pol
#95 Wiljan van Wikselaar
#150 Bram van der Wouden

#217 Bernhard ten Brinke
#247 Tim and Tom Coronel
#277 Maik Willems
#292 Henri van Steenbergen

#339 Michiel Becx
#350 Hans Weijs
#426 Paul Spierings
#454 Gert-Jan van der Valk
#459 André Thewessen
#461 Jan de Wit
#469 Jeffrey Otten

#504 Janus van Kasteren
#506 Martin van den Brink
#515 Vick Versteijnen
#516 Gert Huzink
#518 Pascal de Baar
#520 Kees Koolen
#522 Richard de Groot
#523 Maurik van den Heuvel
#524 Mitchel van den Brink
#527 William the Great
#530 Ben van de Laar
#535 William van Groningen
#537 Egbert Wingens
#538 Ben the Great
#539 Gerrit Zuurmond

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