This is how you follow the Dakar Rally 2022 closely


On New Year’s Day in 2022, Dakar will be kicked off from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Until January 14, the drivers will drive through the desert landscape in the Middle East. In total, the drivers drive more than 8000 kilometers through the country, in which they are tested through sand, stone and dunes. If you want to follow the action closely, you can go to several places.

Like every year, RTL7 reports on the toughest rally in the world. Between January 1 and 14, an update from Saudi Arabia can be seen on the television channel at various times a day. A broadcast can be seen around 12:30 pm, around 7:00 pm and around 10:30 pm.

Each day, Eurosport will broadcast a broadcast of approximately half an hour twice. A summary of the day will be shared in the evening around 10:30 PM. This is repeated the next morning at 08:30.

Red Bull TV
You can also view summaries online every day. On Red Bull TV you can watch summaries of the stages every day and look back at the previous stages.

Of course you can follow the Dakar Rally 2022 for two weeks at FPAL. We will provide you with extensive updates, stage reports, the most beautiful photos and of course reactions from the Dutch drivers throughout the rally.

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