Tost: “When we buy parts from Red Bull, we are at that ceiling”


Franz Tost thinks that the budget cap in 2022 could cause problems at AlphaTauri. With the development of a completely new generation of Formula 1 cars, it is expected that his racing stable will have to take over parts from Red Bull Racing. All those parts must of course be bought and that means that AlphaTauri must make sure that they do not exceed the permitted expenditure.

“I think this year will be the most difficult year for us in terms of the budget cap,” the Austrian said in conversation with RaceFans. “In 2021 we were way below it. So it wasn’t a problem last year,” he adds. They successfully passed the first year that the Formula 1 team had to operate with a limited budget, but a challenge awaits Tost for the upcoming season.

The reason AlphaTauri was limited in 2021 is because the team took over fewer parts from Red Bull. Red Bull’s RB16 of 2020 had stability problems relative to its predecessors and that is why the Italian racing stable chose not to take over the rear axle of the mother team, where they always did in the years before. In 2022, AlphaTauri will again collaborate more intensively with Max Verstappen’s team.

“In 2022 the budget cap will be 140 million dollars (about 123 million euros, ed.) and when we buy new parts from Red Bull we will be close to the limit of the budget ceiling,” admits Tost. His team must therefore make a good decision between whether they are going to take over parts, and if so, which ones. After all, different parts have different price tags.

Tost wants to prepare well

Tost understands that the FIA ​​is on top of the teams regarding the budget cap. He will therefore instruct his financial team to think carefully before the season about how the year will be filled financially. No F1 team has yet been penalized for breaking financial regulations, but such a penalty will undoubtedly be severe. Tost: ‘That’s why we have to calculate carefully from the start of the year what our costs will look like, otherwise we could get into trouble.’

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