Twice your bet and a bonus if you bet on world title Verstappen!


After qualifying, there is really only one day left in the 2021 Formula 1 season… The tension is rising for the Dutch fan, especially now that Max Verstappen is getting his car up. Saturday on pole position for the race. Rival Lewis Hamilton has to start from second place on Sunday. Who will become world champion in Abu Dhabi?

Bet365 odds have been flying up and down in recent days, but now that the race is approaching, we can take stock. What are Lewis to Max ratios? Who is given the best chance at the world title? Verstappen will start on the red belt, just like teammate Sergio Perez. Mercedes opted for the yellow belt in Q2, so we already know that the strategies will be completely different on Sunday. That promises!

At Bet365 they must have thought: we don’t know anymore either. Anyone who bets on a world title for Verstappen will receive 2.00 times his bet back. And guess what? Anyone who opts for an eighth world title for Hamilton currently gets 1.80 times his bet back.

If you look a little further, you will see a small preference for Hamilton at the betting offices. Whoever wins the race is the world champion. And winning the GP in Abu Dhabi gives you another 1.90 times your bet with Hamilton. However, will Verstappen win the GP on Sunday? Then he is world champion, and you take 2.00 times your bet! The gap with the rest is huge. Bottas has the best chance of winning the GP after the two ruffs, according to odds of 21.00.

Bet at Bet365 and receive a welcome bonus of 100 euros.

Can Red Bull surprise for constructors’ title?

What more is there to earn? Well, it might not hurt to take a look at a possible constructors’ title for Red Bull. That seemed impossible, but with Verstappen in P1 and Perez in P4, the racing stable can still surprise on the last day of racing. Mercedes will need a good Valtteri Bottas but he ruined qualifying with P6. Will Red Bull close the gap of 28 points and take the constructors’ title? Then you take 11.00 times your bet!

Bet at Bet365 and receive a welcome bonus of 100 euros.

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