Update II | Sky apologizes to Verstappen and Hamilton


Red Bull Racing has reacted upset to a Sky Sports commercial showing Max Verstappen’s Silverstone crash. In between programming, the British medium uses images of F1 to facilitate a transition from one program to another, and recently chosen images of the Red Bull driver are completely upsetting the team.

Earlier there was a message about the commercial below. It clearly shows the Sky logo with Verstappen’s crashing Red Bull in the background. Given that the impact of the crash was such a massive 51g and it is one of the most violent crashes of the hybrid era, it can be argued that the images need to be handled with more caution.

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Red Bull responds

Red Bull has already responded from Abu Dhabi to the fact that Sky uses the images for its commercial. “We are extremely disappointed that images are being used of a crash in which someone ended up in hospital,” a Red Bull spokesperson said to De Telegraaf. ‘This is in very bad taste. We hope it will be removed soon.”

Update 16.00 (10/12) | Sky no longer broadcasts commercial with images crash Verstappen

After a controversy arose following the images of Max Verstappen’s crash at Silverstone in a Sky Christmas commercial, the channel informed the Dutchman’s racing stable that the images will no longer be broadcast, both on television and online. The NOS reports this in its live blog about the grand prix weekend in Abu Dhabi.

Update II 09.45 (12/12) | Sky apologizes to Verstappen and Hamilton

Sky Sports F1 has tweeted out its apologies to Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton for using crash footage for her Christmas wishes. The Silverstone and Monza crash were used as the image behind a cherry wish from the British sports broadcaster, which went down the wrong way at Red Bull Racing. Sky now offers an explanation.

“We have apologized to Verstappen, Hamilton and the teams for using the footage incorrectly. Two crashes were used for an on-air Christmas wish,” the medium opened its public statement. Not only have Verstappen and Red Bull approached them after the controversial action, but also title competitor Hamilton.

The reason for this is that the crash at Monza was also seen in the background of the Christmas wish. There, the seven-time world champion received one of Verstappen’s tires on the head. “This was an obvious mistake and the images have been removed,” Sky concludes. With that, the matter seems to be over, although the teams will not forget this.

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