Update | Mol and Plooij can also be seen longer at Ziggo Sport


Ziggo Sport has lost the F1 broadcasting rights for 2022, but is still allowed to broadcast summaries of the sessions in the evening in collaboration with Viaplay. This means that Formula 1 can be seen on the channel, with some delay. Post-reviews will also be broadcast, including a Sunday evening broadcast that looks back on the entire weekend. The Formula 1 Café will also continue to exist.

This means that Ziggo Sport subscribers can still watch the Formula 1 channel, albeit not live. Rob Kamphues announces this in the Formula 1 Café. Ziggo may broadcast all sessions as a summary: free practice sessions, qualifying and race. For the broadcasts, just like now, Rob Kamphues and Robert Doornbos are used as presenters and analysts. It is not yet known whether Olav Mol and Jack Plooij will also be involved. It is also not known who will provide the comments of the summaries, and whether they will be of the same length.

Update 13:35 (11/12) | Mol and Plooij can also be seen longer at Ziggo Sport

Olav Mol and Jack Plooij will also remain active at Ziggo Sport, the channel reported on Saturday. On Friday evening it was announced that Ziggo Sport may continue to broadcast the summary of the Grand Prix weekends from NENT. In addition, the Formula 1 Café can still be seen on the sports channel. As a result, some familiar faces, including Rob Kamphues and Robert Doornbos, remained loyal to Ziggo.

Mol and Plooij were told just before the Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia that they would not be working for the new Viaplay. It was unclear to the duo where exactly their future would lie. It was made clear on Saturday that the two will remain with Ziggo Sport. Mol will comment on the summaries at the channel and will also join the afterthoughts. Plooij will also join the table at the Formula 1 Café as an expert.

The fixed voices of Formula 1 at Ziggo Sport are pleased that the collaboration is being extended. “In recent years, Ziggo Sport has grown into the most complete channel in the Dutch about motorsport,” Mol is quoted by the AD. ‘We have enjoyed doing this work for many years and we plan to continue doing so for a number of years to come.’

Ziggo happy with Mol and Plooij staying on

The stay of Mol and Plooij is not only positively received by the duo themselves. The station is also extremely satisfied with the stay of the commentator and reporter. ‘I am pleased that these figureheads within motorsport have committed themselves to us for longer’, says director of Ziggo Sport, Marcel Beerthuizen.

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