Van Amersfoort wants a third car with F1 teams: “Then you don’t have to be an exceptional Verstappen”


Frits van Amersfoort wants Formula 1 teams to put a third car on the grid for young talent. The team boss of Van Amersfoort Racing, which will also compete in F2 in 2022, states that it is pointless to train young talent if they do not then get a chance in the premier class of motorsport. So the structure of the ‘motorsport ladder’ to the top is fine, but once you arrive at the top step, a problem arises.

“The F1 teams must take their responsibility and use a third car for young talent,” says Van Amersfoort. The team boss tells his story at ‘Now we have to watch patiently how a gap has arisen between F1 and the rest of motorsport.’ A career at the top of motorsport is only reserved for a handful of drivers. With the amount of talent that Van Amersfoort sees on an annual basis, he argues that there should be more space.

‘In the formula classes we spend years training young talents, but what’s the point if even the good guys don’t get a chance?’, he wonders aloud. The solution that Van Amersfoort advocates is a third car for the F1 teams. Then the flow of young talent to F1 is greater and Van Amersfoort can therefore offer its drivers value for money. Now they have to move to one of the other racing classes if there is no opportunity in Formula 1.

“You don’t necessarily have to be an exceptional Max Verstappen”

Van Amersfoort’s solution also allows drivers who do have talent, but are not born world champions, to show themselves in sport: ‘As a driver, you also do not necessarily have to be the exceptional talent in exceptional circumstances if Max Verstappen. The ladder of now is in order, do something about Formula 1’, he concludes his call. For now, his proposed solution is not yet being considered in F1.

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