Van Eerd cannot believe in happiness: ‘This is what we get back, how beautiful can it be?’


Frits van Eerd, chairman of Jumbo is overjoyed with Max Verstappen’s world championship. The first Dutch Formula 1 world champion is now a fact. This world champion was supported from day one by Van Eerd’s Jumbo. The world championship was decided on the very last round of the season and that is ‘unbelievable’. Verstappen’s title will be well celebrated.

Like many others, Van Eerd also joined Jack Plooij’s microphone. The Ziggo interviewer congratulates the Jumbo man to which the sponsor of Verstappen says: ‘Thank you! And congratulations to you too, congratulations to all of you, including your home! This is really crazy’, pointing to the camera. “This denouement.. Yes what can I say.”

“I think we all feel the same. Of course we all saw that race start and I thought, ‘Wow.’ We really needed that Max factor. Perez had done a good job for a while. But that that entire season it arrives at the last race, the last lap and that Verstappen manages to do it again… Man man man man man’, says Van Eerd with relief.

Van Eerd: ‘We Dutch have developed such a motorsport heart’

“Of course I’m happy for Max but I’m also happy for all of us. As Dutch people, we have all developed such a motorsport heart. It has become a mass hysteria and we have created a hero together. We all got behind it and this is what we get in return. How beautiful can it be?’, says Van Eerd proudly.

Not afraid of Mercedes protests: ‘Are you crazy?’

When Plooij still asks whether his buttocks are pinched because of the protests from Mercedes, Van Eerd waves it away. ‘No, are you crazy? I don’t mind at all. We’ve seen what this sport is like and how to do it. I think we all needed this too, just to show how cool that sport can be. And we’ve seen that! Party! And on to next season’, concludes de Brabander.

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