Verstappen about Hamilton’s driving style: “Different type of driver than me, less aggressive”


World champion Max Verstappen reveals that his father’s hard training has ensured that he has an aggressive driving style and always wants to get the most out of it. He does not see that aggressive style in Lewis Hamilton.

Jos Verstappen was also active in Formula 1 for a long time and therefore knew the blows of the whip. He tried to pass this on to his son, so that he had the best preparation for the premier class of motorsport. Still, the 2021 world champion admits that it was a tough lesson.

Full commitment

The central message from Verstappen senior was always the effort, which had to be maximum, as the Red Bull driver indicates at AutoBild: “It was not the case that my father always wanted me to win. A second place was also okay for him as long as I got the most out of it.” The moment he wasn’t performing, the puppets were dancing: “Then he got really pissed. I mean really mad.” Verstappen senior had invested all his money, so he expected full commitment.

hit the helmet

The world champion adds a moment when he didn’t give the maximum: “Once I didn’t feel like it. My father noticed this and hit me on the helmet with full force.” That eventually turned things around: “If you keep driving like this, we’ll pack up and go home.” I woke up, took pole position, won all six heats, the semi-finals and the final.” That slap on his helmet is no longer necessary these days: “Sometimes today he just asks me for fun if he should slap my helmet one more time so I can go faster.”

Difference Hamilton

Last season, the Dutchman was engaged in an intense title fight. He did get to know Hamilton in that: “I think Lewis gets nervous when he sees me in the rear-view mirror. He’s a different type of driver than me, less aggressive. But I can’t blame him, because he never had to learn as I did from my father.”

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