Verstappen about Honda’s reaction to world title: ‘Proves that you can never give up’


Max Verstappen is very happy that Honda has had so much confidence in the collaboration with Red Bull Racing. The Dutchman states that the world title they have won together proves that you should never give up.

The adventure of Red Bull Racing and Honda in Formula 1 is now really over. The two parties have enjoyed a fruitful partnership over the past three years, and have achieved countless fantastic results since they first met in 2019. Verstappen’s world championship was the big icing on the cake. Despite Honda’s great success with Red Bull and AlphaTauri, the Japanese company has chosen to leave Formula 1. The activities in the royal class would no longer suit the company and the objectives.

Honda in the clouds

According to Verstappen, everyone at Honda was very happy with winning the world title. “The emotion was visible to everyone and it is yet another proof that you should never give up and always keep pushing,” Verstappen is quoted by “Of course they’ve been through difficult situations in the past, but everyone in the team told them we could do this together. They just had to believe in it and luckily they did.”

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Of course, there was a significant investment behind that, but that is normal in Formula 1. That is just part of it.” Verstappen emphasizes that he thinks it is fantastic that they won the championship together during Honda’s last race. “That was fantastic with all emotions that go with it.”

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