Verstappen about Mick Schumacher: “Always press around him while karting”


In his younger years, Max Verstappen was able to develop into the world champion he is today, but this was not the case for contemporary Mick Schumacher, with whom Verstappen spent a lot of time in his youth. According to Verstappen, even during the karting there was always a lot of press present to follow the performances of Schumacher junior.

As the son of Jos, Max Verstappen received a lot less attention from the press during his karting period than Mick, who is the son of a multiple world champion. Yet it was Verstappen who excelled and made his debut in the premier class of motorsport at a very young age. He even won his first world title last season. Schumacher junior now also drives in Formula 1, but for the time being has to make do with a place with the Haas team, which can mainly be found in the rear. However, Verstappen and Schumacher know each other well and used to spend a lot of time together, the current Red Bull driver says in conversation with F1-Insider.

Verstappen about karting period with Schumacher

Max and Mick came into contact a lot, partly because of the friendship between their fathers. As a result, there was a lot of communication in German, Verstappen says. “Mainly on the kart tracks,” said the Limburger, who often got behind the wheel in Germany. “For example in Feuerbach-Hahn. I think that track no longer exists now. Then in Ampfing and of course a lot in Kerpen, the home port of Michael Schumacher.”

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He continues: “We always went karting in two-seaters. Michael with Mick or Gina and my father with me.” Because Verstappen, Mick and Gina were still very young at the time, it sometimes became a bit too dangerous on the track. “Then our parents quickly took over,” laughs Verstappen, who also saw how Mick received a lot of attention from the press. It was different for Mick than it was for me. His father is the record world champion, with seven titles under his belt. That is a very difficult starting position in the beginning. Even during the karting days, there was always press around him. The hype became even greater in Formula 4, Formula 3 and Formula 2. But he has a good environment, good people looking after him.”

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