Verstappen confirms start number 1 for 2022: ‘That will happen’


Max Verstappen announces that he will definitely drive with start number 1 next year on his Red Bull Racing car. The new Formula 1 world champion announced this to Ziggo Sport. The well-known and usual 33 is therefore put on hold for at least one year.

“I haven’t even thought about it yet, but it will happen,” Verstappen says after the race about his starting number 1 for next year. He looks back with a good feeling and is happy that everything went well in the last round: ‘Fortunately, eh… Everything went wrong until that last round, nothing fell our way and that is a bit of a summary of the season.’

Max and Jos Verstappen have a moment with each other

“Then came the last round and then you have to go for your chance,” the Dutchman continues. “We got him, it’s unbelievable.” At the start it all seemed to go wrong, but Verstappen is cool afterwards: ‘I shit on that start, man, haha’, the 24-year-old jokes with Jack Plooij.

Jos Verstappen and his son had a moment for themselves, says Max: ‘We had some great moments together behind the podium. It’s great that everyone could be there. It couldn’t be more beautiful. In the end everything comes together in the last round… You couldn’t write it better.’

Pérez helps Verstappen, F1 champion is grateful

Verstappen says he is grateful for what Sergio Perez did during the race to help his teammate. After the first pit stops, the Mexican managed to hold up the Englishman, allowing Verstappen to make up for about eight seconds in one lap: ‘Checo (his nickname, ed.) did everything today. partly because of him I became world champion.’

Verstappen does not fully realize that he has become Formula 1 champion: ‘Yes, it is indescribable. There was a huge discharge in the car. The whole season is of course full of pressure. Later today, that realization will come some more. Luckily we didn’t go into cardiac arrest, haha.’

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