Verstappen crushed the British media: “That was really unbelievable!”


Max Verstappen was brought to Formula 1 at the age of 16, where he made his debut at the age of 17. From day one, the Red Bull driver was a character in his own right, as the British F1 celebrities also noticed.

In the F1 Nation Podcast cans Damon Hill and Natalie Pinkham, both working for the British Sky Sports, back to the appearance of the young Verstappen. “It’s all about his maturity. Remember when we interviewed him when he just got a Formula 1 seat? He was 17 at the time,” recalls former driver Hill.

“I couldn’t believe we were talking to someone who was only seventeen. It was a seventeen-year-old who really had an answer to everything. He was also so confident that his starting point was the right one. He had the answers and the confidence in themselves. Unbelievable!”

Verstappen proved himself again in Zandvoort

Last season, when Max Verstappen won the Grand Prix of the Netherlands in front of tens of thousands of Dutch Formula 1 fans, according to Pinkham he once again proved how strong he is in his shoes.

“He has nerves of steel and that is really impressive. He handles everything very well, especially when you consider that he is still only 24 years old.”

“We saw that in Zandvoort. He behaves much older than he is. He handled the pressure on his shoulders in a great way,” said the British.

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