Verstappen on Hamilton: ‘He doesn’t know how to race like I do’


Max Verstappen thinks he is a better driver than Lewis Hamilton. He made this known in conversation with ahead of the Formula 1 season finale in Abu Dhabi The Limburger. He talks to the medium about how he thinks Hamilton looks at him, how they differ and why he is better. He also emphasizes that he does not want to crash with the Englishman.

Verstappen no longer speaks the names Hamilton and Mercedes in the interview. Too much has happened for that, says the Red Bull Racing driver. Of course, an analysis of his title competitor in the conversation cannot be missed. Is the seven-time world champion afraid of Verstappen? ‘He will never admit that. At least I’m not afraid of him. Yeah, I think I’ll make him nervous if he sees me in his mirrors. He’s a different driver than me, less aggressive.’

“He doesn’t know how to race like I do,” added Verstappen, who is not impressed by the quality of his competitor. “I can’t blame him for that either, because he was never able to learn that the way I did from my father.” Verstappen was born with racing, Hamilton has not had that help from an early age. That is where the difference in approach lies, believes the 24-year-old.

Verstappen does not want to eliminate Hamilton

There is, of course, a lot of talk about a possible title-defining crash. Verstappen emphasizes that he is not after that: ‘I don’t want to take him out, I want to beat him. That’s another wording. Some people find me aggressive, others very aggressive and some people don’t. I think I am myself.’ He is therefore not interested in what other people think of him and his driving style.

Verstappen regularly went in hard this season. In the first corner he startled Hamilton with offensive maneuvers that his opponent was not expecting. That attitude is necessary to win the title, Verstappen knows. “If I hadn’t had that attitude, we wouldn’t be here with an equal number of points,” he emphasizes. “Then he was already a champion.” Verstappen will also do everything in his power to take the win on Sunday.

If it does come from a crash, the FIA ​​will be put to work. If there seems to be a deliberate action, Verstappen can be deducted points. Verstappen is disturbed by the fact that before the last race the leadership thought it necessary to point this out: “The FIA ​​is apparently working on a possible crash, because it is now indicated that you will get points deduction for that. Now and then not, as he drove into me on purpose. I should have been champion by now’, concludes Verstappen.

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