Verstappen pays tribute to Honda: merchandise in style white Turkey livery


Max Verstappen and his team are launching a special line of merchandise dedicated to Honda. With the launch, Verstappen wants to thank the Japanese for the fruitful collaboration.

Verstappen became world champion for the first time this year and he owes a lot to the men of Honda. This year the Japanese delivered a giant of an engine in which Verstappen could fight Lewis Hamilton in an extremely reliable way and ultimately win. It was the icing on the cake for Honda, which left after last season.


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In Turkey, Suzuka’s replacement race, a special white livery was driven in honor of Honda. As an extension of this, Verstappen and his team are now presenting the special line of merchandise. There is a special hoodie and a special T-shirt available in the white ‘Arigato style’ of the car Verstappen drove to second place in Istanbul. A miniature version of the car, with intermediates, is also available for pre-order for Honda fans.


The team writes the following on the website. “The ‘Arigato Honda Collection’ launched today is a tribute to Honda for everything they have done for Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing over the years. It is a thank you for all the great work and dedication they have put into It’s based on the special ‘Arigato style’.”

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