Verstappen thanks for conversation with Masi before GP Abu Dhabi: ‘That is not necessary’


Presumably, Michael Masi will not sit with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Both world title fighters were asked if they felt anything for this, and both sides responded with a clear ‘no’. Johnny Herbert, an analyst for Sky Sports F1, thinks it would have been a good idea and that the team bosses should also be called to account.

In Abu Dhabi, it was suggested that the two title contenders might need to talk to race officials before the race to discuss how to close the final race of the year on an honorable basis. If it is up to Herbert, the team bosses also participate in these conversations. “Horner has also been disrespectful in many ways towards Hamilton, Toto Wolff, Formula 1 and Masi.”

‘It is annoying to see that, but it is moving in that direction more and more’, adds Herbert at Formel1. “If you sit down with the drivers and emphasize that racing has to take place within the boundaries of the asphalt, you take the sting out.” Then as race management you remove the chance of possible violations and overtaking attempts on the outside of the circuit as much as possible.

Verstappen and Hamilton don’t like it

The two title competitors were asked if they would like to enter into such a conversation. First, Verstappen is talking and he thinks he can work it out with the Mercedes driver on the circuit: ‘I don’t think that is necessary. Of course I will do everything I can to become world champion. We’ve been racing well against each other all year. I hope we do the same in Abu Dhabi.’

“As Max said, we’ve had a lot of races against each other, many of which were good, and a few with incidents,” said Hamilton, who also didn’t have to talk to the Australian race director. “I hope we have learned from those incidents and can look to the future.” The seven-time world champion hopes that a repeat of those earlier incidents of the year will not take place.

Horner snaps at suggestion to talk to Masi

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner certainly does not accept the suggestion. He is in disbelief that the FIA ​​has decided to state regulations that points deductions are possible in the event of a crash. “Maybe we should have sat down after Silverstone,” Horner reacts annoyed. “The expectation is that all rules will apply to all drivers in all races. You can’t suddenly come up with rules. Our drivers know what the rules are.’

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