Verstappen, Vettel & Co .: This is the name of their new cars


From February 23, the GP teams will test their new racing cars at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. We say what the vehicles are called exactly and what is behind the sometimes puzzling names.

Every year again: The Tifosi passionately discussed what the new racing car from Maranello could be called. Because Ferrari repeatedly made the name of the red goddess a state secret. A year ago, team boss Mattia Binotto took a pragmatic approach – Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz’s hit was SF21, for Scuderia Ferrari and the year 2021.

Logically, it would now be the turn of SF22, but in the past Ferrari often treaded strange paths in terms of racing car labeling: The name of the 2017 racing car, SF70H, which at first glance seems puzzling, was broken down as follows – Scuderia Ferrari, 70 for the 70. Birthday of the company, H for hybrid technology.

In 2018 the car was then called SF71H. Logically, the car should have been called SF72H for the 2019 season, but what is logical about Ferrari? The 2019 Ferrari was promptly named SF90 by Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc, for 90 years of Scuderia Ferrari. The SF1000 followed in 2020 because Ferrari contested the 1000th Formula 1 World Championship in Mugello in 2020.

Ferrari will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2022, so it is quite possible that we will see an SF75.

The great Enzo Ferrari himself liked type designations that allowed conclusions to be drawn about the number of cylinders and cubic capacity. The legendary Ferrari 312 was so named because it had a three-liter twelve-cylinder engine, the Haifischmaul-156er was called that because a 1.5-liter V6 engine worked in the rear.

But what about the other racing car manufacturers?

In 2021, Mercedes named the world championship car W12 (in full: Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance) to tie in with the glorious racing past, such as the W25 of the 1930s or the W196 of the 1950s, the W simply stands for car. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell’s new car will be called the W13.

On January 1, 2022, Mercedes tweeted a heavily darkened vehicle as an appetizer: “New year. New Mercedes. ” But nobody seriously believes that the upcoming GP racer will really look like the picture we brightened up shows.

Red Bull Racing took a pragmatic approach in 2021: The RB16 from 2020 was followed by the RB16B, an Evo model with an identical chassis. The 17 will be skipped in 2022, Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez’s new car will be the RB18. Team boss Christian Horner explained: “2021 with a slightly modified chassis that was taken over for reasons of economy was an exception. We want to go back to a number that shows how many seasons we’ve been in Formula 1, hence the 18. »

A lot has happened at the Silverstone racing team in recent years. At Force India, 2018 VJM11 referred to the name of co-owner Vijay Mallya, but the Enstone team was sold in the summer of 2018. From then on, the car was called RP19 for Racing Point and the year 2019, followed by the RP20 in 2020. But for 2021, Racing Point became Aston Martin, and that marked the beginning of a fresh chapter in racing car designation. Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll’s car was called AMR21, for Aston Martin Racing and for the year 2021. Now, of course, the AMR22 is coming.

McLaren switched a few years ago. In 2016, the McLaren MP4-31 was the 30th car from “Marlboro Project Four” – the original racing team of Ron Dennis. The number remained, the abbreviation changed: To show the new beginning at the traditional British racing team, the 2017 bolide was called MCL32 (MCL for McLaren), which is why MCL33, 34 and 35 followed. McLaren has been driving with Mercedes power again since 2021. Abbreviation for Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris’ car, as curtsey of Mercedes – MCL35M. The M will be dropped in 2022, the car will be called MCL36.

AlphaTauri (formerly Toro Rosso) competed in 2021 with an AT02, the second model under the new racing team name (formerly Toro Rosso). The next car is therefore called the AT03.

As with Racing Point and Aston Martin, the Enstone racing team had a fresh start: Renault had officially retired from the Formula 1 stage, so the abbreviation RS (for Renault Sport) was also a thing of the past. The team with plants in England (chassis) and France (engine) started as the Alpine F1 Team in 2021, Fernando Alonso’s and Esteban Ocon’s car was called the A521, as a greeting to history because Renault launched the first prototype chassis for the Formula in 1975 -1 entry called Alpine A500. If the historical background is retained, we would be at the A522 in 2022.

Haas began his Formula 1 adventure with the VF-16 model. The VF refers to the first CNC machine from the entrepreneur Gene Haas, which was then called the VF-1. VF stands for vertical milling, internally it was joked that the VF-1 means the very first one. Either way: The 2022 racer from Haas is called the VF-22.

The traditional Williams racing team was sold in the summer of 2020: Sir Frank Williams and his daughter Claire resigned and the investment company Dorilton Capitol took over. The US-Americans made it clear: The racers will continue to be called Williams. Therefore, the type designation has also remained, 2021 with the FW43B model. Now a FW44 should actually come.

Clean is a special case, and not just because of the location in Switzerland. The team is officially called Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen, but the cars are built by Sauber Motorsport in Hinwil, and Peter Sauber’s racing car designation has remained. The C of the 2021 racing car of the type C41 refers to a person – to the wife of company founder Peter Sauber, Christiane. The C42 should come for the 2022 GP season.

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