Vettel has doubts about the future: “Of course you ask yourself whether you are having a good time”


Otmar Szafnauer’s departure from Aston Martin could have dire consequences for Sebastian Vettel. The American with German roots has to leave because of the disappointing results. Should Aston Martin’s team fail again next season, there is a chance that Vettel will end his career.

“The motivation is there and we are trying to do everything we can to improve,” Vettel said, quoted by Sport Many teams believe that 2022 could offer a chance for better results, but the four-time world champion is still a bit hesitant. “The new rules of 2022 offer opportunities, but we also have to remain realistic. We have to see how good the car is before we talk about the role as favourites.’

Vettel: “That is betrayal to the next generation of drivers”

Although the German Aston Martin driver is doing his best to perform as well as possible, things are rumbling at the top at Aston Martin. Team owner Lawrence Stroll was unhappy with Szafnauer’s performance, which allowed the team boss to leave. For a long time, the German American denied that he would leave the British team. Vettel himself only knew shortly before the end of the season that Szafnauer would leave. That is a slap in the face for the 34-year-old driver as Szafnauer was a confidant of his.

Now the German has to work with Martin Whitmarsh, but Vettel has not developed a good relationship with him. When Whitmarsh was still active at McLaren as team principal, he called Vettel ‘crash kid’ after an accident with Jenson Button at Spa 2010. Whitmarsh has been the CEO of Aston Martin since October 2021.

Vettel may retire if results are poor

Vettel remains vague when it comes to his retirement. It is quite possible that the German will stop if the results are disappointing again next season. ‘Of course you sometimes ask yourself whether you are still having a good time. I’d be lying if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind yet. If I no longer have the drive and ambition and just race for my own salary, that would be betraying the next generation of drivers. But at the moment the fire is still burning,” Vettel concluded.

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