Vettel helped Aston Martin find “little quirks” in 2021


Former Aston Martin team principal Otmar Szafnauer pays tribute to the confidence Sebastian Vettel brought to the team last season. It contributed to finding “little quirks” about the AMR21.

Aston Martin had a tough 2021, falling down the rankings after some aerodynamic changes were made ahead of the season. Low-rake cars like Mercedes and Aston Martin were hit harder than high-rake cars like Red Bull Racing. The British formation finished seventh among the constructors, trailing only Williams, Alfa Romeo and Haas.


In an interview with GPFans in December and prior to his departure from the team, Szafnauer said Vettel’s level-headedness has been an asset as Aston Martin tried to resolve the issues. “The experience he brings means that we don’t get confused. Not that we did get that before, but with his experience you can rely on it and ask him,” he continued. “When things don’t quite add up with all the experience we have and he has, then you’re more confident in getting over the little quirks.”

Vettel back on top?

Asked if Szafnauer sees the talent and motivation in Vettel to get back to the top in the sport, he replied: “Absolutely. He still has the motivation. He definitely has the work ethic and he has the talent. but 34 years old so yeah i see it’s just the car and hopefully gives [Aston Martin] give him something to win next year.”

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