Vettel thinks F1 is lagging behind in development: ‘Not the guts to push through’


Sebastian Vettel sees that Formula 1 mainly talks a lot and takes little action against social problems. The sport is at the forefront of technological development, but Formula 1 is lagging behind in all other aspects, according to the four-time world champion. For several years now, the sport has been trying to fight for diversity and a climate neutral policy. According to Vettel, these changes must be initiated more quickly.

In 2020 the We Race as One movement arose in Formula 1. With this Formula 1 tries to take a step towards more diversity in the sport. In the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Vettel warns that actions must also be taken. “Formula 1 seems to be transparent from the outside, but they lack the courage on the inside to really push through. So much could have changed in the past ten years. There is still a lot of room for improvement.’

The Aston Martin driver sees that the sport is trying to be innovative. However, Formula 1 seems to follow more than they are an example. ‘In terms of technical innovation we are fairly progressive, but in other areas we are really far behind. People in Formula 1 cling too much to old ideas. People are afraid to change because they think all the good aspects of the sport will disappear.’

Vettel feels responsibility

Vettel hopes that the seniors within the sport will take action quickly. In addition, the German himself wants to contribute to the change of Formula 1. ‘I don’t feel that people really push through when it comes to change. We all need to start feeling that responsibility. It is very important that we set an example for the rest of society. Formula 1 has to change that. There is no other way.’

The Aston Martin rider mainly points to the sport’s itinerary. ‘The calendar that is being drawn up is not smart at all. We shouldn’t be flying east to west and north to south every other week. It’s weird to fly from Mexico to Qatar in a week. Those distances must be shorter.’ Vettel also sees that the engines must be adapted more quickly. “We just drove an engine that was developed in 2014. That is not new at all,” concludes the German.

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