Vettel wants rapid change in F1 to fight climate change


Sebastian Vettel believes that Formula 1 is not moving fast enough towards a climate neutral sport. The biggest step towards a climate neutral policy must be taken in 2026, but according to the German driver, that will take too long. In the coming season, the sport will switch to a slightly more sustainable fuel. Vettel is known for his fight against climate change.

The Aston Martin driver is aware that his statements can come across as somewhat hypocritical. “I drive very fast cars for fun and for work,” Vettel begins in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “These cars burn a lot of fuel and I don’t support that. Nevertheless, I do get behind the wheel every week. For that I also have to fly all over the world.’

However, Vettel will not just leave the sport. The four-time world champion wants to bring about change in the sport from within. “My heart is in Formula 1. That’s why it will feel wrong if I decide to stop. That is why I am now trying to make changes, both on a small and large scale.’ The driver senses that some people within the sport do not feel like rapid change, but hopes that these people will soon think differently. “If you have a lot of money in the sport, it may not feel nice if Formula 1 suddenly changes quickly. Still, I think change will feel good for everyone.’

‘Formula 1 no longer of this time’

Next season, Formula 1 will take a new step in a climate neutral policy. Vettel sees it as a mini step, where the sport drops out with the progress in the rest of the world. ‘Next year only ten percent will be biofuels and ethanol. That is simply insufficient and no longer of this time. We have all the options and enough money to have a positive impact on the world,” Vettel concluded.

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