Wheatley praises Red Bull for fantastic pit stops: ‘Part of our DNA’


According to Jonathan Wheatley, pit stops are part of Red Bull Racing’s DNA. Red Bull’s sporting director praises his team for their fantastic work over the past few seasons.

Red Bull has been known for years for having the best pit crew in Formula 1. The Austrian racing stable spends a lot of time improving its pit stop techniques and training its mechanics. This is also clearly visible, as the stops are often successful and fast. Although the team went through a difficult period when the pit stop regulations were changed, they have now mastered it again. Jonathan Wheatley made the switch from Renault to Red Bull Racing in 2006 and in recent years has built a pit crew that has been at the top for more than a decade.

Pit stops part of DNA Red Bull Racing

“We are looking for consistency,” Wheatley told Red Bull Racing’s website. “I think a record-breaking pit stop just happens on the right day. If the 20 people involved in the pit stop all have a perfect day, then it happens,” explains the Red Bull chief executive. “The team has had four extraordinary years and won the DHL trophy four years in a row. I think that consistency, that desire to be the fastest, the best and the safest at what we do, is in the team. It’s in our bones, it’s in our DNA.”

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Wheatley emphasizes that pit stops are not only about technology, but also about the human aspect. “Basically, you have to start with someone who has tremendous stability. A pit stop is a human achievement.” According to the Brit, people often throw it on the equipment, but in the end it is just a human achievement. “We work very hard with the guys on their mentality, but also on their core stability. You don’t want injuries: you want to have the same people at the last race as you did at the first race,” said Wheatley.

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