Why Mercedes boss Wolff celebrated a big party in Abu Dhabi


Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has explained why after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, despite Red Bull’s Max Verstappen winning the drivers’ title, several videos circulated on social media showing him and the rest of the Mercedes team fully partying.

The reason can partly be guessed, because despite the defeat of Lewis Hamilton against Verstappen, Mercedes had something to celebrate the drivers’ title: winning the constructors’ title. And not just one, but the eighth in a row, which also involves many millions of prize money.

It was also a good party, it must be said. For example, images circulated of a crowd surfing Wolff and Valtteri Bottas not only got a beer shower, but also went on his shoulders and ‘sang’ the Backstreet Boys classic. I want it that way.

Not bad for a Sunday evening, but the party videos were quite at odds with the mood that Mercedes projected despite winning the constructors’ title. After all, the team threatened with a protest because of the way Hamilton had lost the drivers’ title to Verstappen.

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Mugs in the hotel or…

From the Mercedes corner, there was also mainly radio silence to the outside. Although behind the scenes the music was playing (loud) and the bar was undoubtedly open. “The choice was between going back to the hotel and sulking, or delaying that until Monday morning and celebrating the eighth constructors’ title with the team,” Wolff explains. Formal1.the from.

That choice, as the images show, was quickly made: partying. “So I did. I tried to put aside my frustration about losing the drivers’ title. That was something for the next day.” Mercedes also organized a party at the factory the week after Abu Dhabi – to win the constructors’ title and farewell to Bottas – but skipped the FIA ​​gala. In the end, however, her protest did not go through.

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