‘Will be the most intense year of my life’


Mercedes signing George Russell knows his ‘most intense’ year and Formula 1 season to date awaits him in 2022. Not only because of the record number of 23 races, but especially because of everything that comes with his promotion from Williams to Mercedes.

Russell is therefore first looking forward to a nice relaxing holiday, because from later this month it will be busy. “I think 2022 will be the most intense year of my life,” he even tells Motorsport. “Because of the race calendar, but also everything off the track and things like marketing.” In that respect too, Mercedes is a step up compared to Williams, he realizes.

“I’ve been pretty lucky that we didn’t have a lot of marketing at Williams because of the position we were in,” he refers to Williams’ position in the backfield. “At Mercedes we have a lot of sponsors. That also means a lot of obligations that we drivers have to meet.” According to Russell, many activities for sponsors and partners have also been on the back burner for a long time due to the corona pandemic and something needs to be caught up.

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development work

Russell’s transfer from Williams to Mercedes also coincides with the introduction of the new generation of Formula 1 cars. That is why it is important to lay a good technical foundation right away. Before 2022 and beyond. “Of course I want to win next season, but it’s also important that we make sure that we have a car for the next four years with which we can win.” That means doing a lot of development work with the engineers.

“I’m not an engineer, but as a driver you can play a huge role in a team’s development path. So that’s something I will definitely focus on,” emphasizes Russell. At Mercedes, of course, he also has more resources at his disposal than at Williams. That is something his predecessor Valtteri Bottas – who made the same switch – also noted. In addition, of course, he still has to get to know his new team. So Russell can wet his chest.

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