Will we also see Maserati back on the F1 grid in the future?


Davide Grosso, director of Maserati, does not rule out a return to Formula 1. The CEO of the car brand sees Formula E as the first step for the manufacturer, but a future in F1 is a possibility. Still, he is adamant that it is not a relevant question for now.

Maserati will participate in Formula E from 2023 and with the rule change in Formula 1 from 2026, the step to the premier class could be a sequel. When Autobild Grosso asks about the possibility, he does not rule it out. “You mean the other championship, which is led by my friend Stefano Domenicali?”

‘Time will tell’, he keeps to himself. ‘Formula 1 is the premier class, the most important championship for racing cars, a great competition. Maserati was there and won the World Cup with Juan Manuel Fangio. So the question is not misplaced, but not relevant at the moment.’

New regulations 2026

New regulations will be introduced from 2026. An electric motor then generates 50 percent of the power and the remaining share of combustion engines is fired with sustainable fuel. Audi and Porsche are currently evaluating the possibility of entry and with the move to Formula E, Maserati could be the next to enter F1.

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