Williams hits huge financial blow after runaway sponsor lawsuit


In 2019 Williams teamed up with ROKiT. Initially, they entered into a partnership for three years, which was soon extended for another two years. Until 2023, the technology company, which makes telephones, among other things, would therefore be associated with the Formula 1 team. However, in early 2020, when the season was postponed due to the corona pandemic, the company withdrew and left Williams, which left Williams without a title sponsor.

Just under two years later, it has now become known that Williams has won a lawsuit against the company and according to the judge must receive $ 35.7 million from the company, which they would have received in sponsorship money. A senior person at the Grove racing stable confirmed this after FPAL inquired with the team.

Williams never received any money

According to a report by Law360.com ROKiT had agreed to various payments to Williams, which were due at certain times. Williams, however, never received any money. ROKiT’s arguments, which claimed Williams had breached its contractual obligations, were dismissed in court.

The fact that Williams was put up for sale in May 2020 made matters even more complicated. Three months later, the team was bought by Dorilton Capital, a United States investment firm. However, Williams still litigated against the runaway title sponsor.

They now have to pay $35.7 million to Williams. That amount includes a million dollar bonus, which Jonathan Kendrick, co-founder of ROKiT, had promised in 2019. It also includes an amount that, according to a clause in the contract, had to be paid if the sponsor left early.

Incidentally, despite the problems with Williams, ROKiT is still active in motorsport. It is currently the title sponsor of the Venturi Formula E team.

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