Windsor sees a double disadvantage for Mercedes: ‘Less time in the wind tunnel than Red Bull’


Peter Windsor believes that winning the constructors’ title alone puts Mercedes at a double disadvantage. The first place gives the team less time in the wind tunnel and that is a loss for Lewis Hamilton’s team with the new regulations. He also discusses the effects the regulations will have on the innovation and creativity of the sport.

Mercedes has suffered a double disadvantage by winning the constructors’ championship, but not winning the drivers’ title, Windsor said in a video on his own YouTube channel. “Because Mercedes has won the constructors’ championship, they have less time in the wind tunnel. So they have to start the new season with a car that is as good as new, with less time to test than Red Bull.”

“The rule that the higher you finish, the less time in the wind tunnel you get is designed to close the gaps between teams, but is a huge disadvantage for Mercedes with the new regulations coming up,” he said. where the number one is only allowed to use seventy percent of the agreed 400 hours. This increases in percentage by five percent, which means that the number ten gets 115 percent time.

Creativity and innovation must remain

The Briton does not agree with the suggestion that Formula 1 will follow NASCAR and IndyCar with cars that are equal to each other. “The latest rules are more restrictive than we’ve ever seen in Formula 1. However, there is still room for Adrian Newey, for example, to do something with aerodynamics that they don’t do at Ferrari or Mercedes. In that respect, Formula 1 is still unique in terms of technology.”

‘However, we are heading in that direction, where the cars offer fewer opportunities for creativity due to the regulations. This is simply the result of fan polls. I’m a purist, so I want a Red Bull to be a Red Bull and a Ferrari to be a Ferrari. I also want there to be some creativity and there’s innovation. The question is to what extent that is still possible with the new regulations’, he still expresses some concerns about the direction Formula 1 is heading.

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