With Niki Lauda it would not have escalated


It’s been more than two and a half years since Niki Lauda left the world forever. In May 2019, the Austrian, who until then had been the chairman of the Mercedes-Benz supervisory board, died in word and deed. Lauda is still symbolically present in the Mercedes garage, but Helmut Marko would have wished it had really been his compatriot in 2021.

Because of his good relationship with Marko, Lauda could have helped mediate between the two doggedly fighting teams Mercedes and Red Bull. “Especially when the escalation between Mercedes and us was boiling over, I would have liked Niki to have been there,” says the Red Bull motorsport consultant at ‘ServusTV’.

“I think that it would not have escalated as much by then,” emphasizes Marko. Because while the camps of Marko and Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff are not necessarily green despite their national ties, Marko and Lauda had a good relationship.

The two regularly sat together at breakfast, something Marko missed after Lauda’s death. But the breakfasts in 2021 would have been “a bit harder”, as Marko could imagine. “Because he doesn’t like to lose either.”

But the Red Bull consultant is certain: “He would have worn it with more composure.”

Also a little tip in the direction of the current Mercedes leadership and their reactions …

With images from Motorsport Images.

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