Wolff sees significant disadvantage for Mercedes and Red Bull compared to the competition


Compared to the other Formula 1 teams, Mercedes and Red Bull had to focus longer on the 2021 season. The reason for this is simple: both teams were involved in the battle for both until the last race(s) of the season. world titles. Max Verstappen won the drivers’ title, Mercedes took off with the constructors’ title.

For the 2022 season, there are a number of rules regarding the time that the teams can spend in the wind tunnel. The lower a race stable has finished in the 2021 World Cup position, the more test time they get in the wind tunnel. Mercedes and Red Bull are therefore slightly at a disadvantage in developing the 2022 car.

What do Wolff and Horner expect?

“We will see,” Christian Horner told FPAL, among others. He’s not too concerned. “It looks different, it feels different and it rides differently. We’re going to see who’s right, who’s wrong and then we start again.”

Toto Wolff goes into more detail about the benefits for the lower-ranked F1 teams. “It is certainly possible that teams that did not participate in last year’s championship, be it Ferrari, McLaren or Alpine, will come up with more intelligent concepts. They can base those concepts on more runs (in the wind tunnel, ed.) than others. teams”

“If all goes well, we can expect a much more exciting fight for the championship,” said Wolff. The Mercedes team boss is therefore already taking championship candidates from unexpected quarters into account, although he does not mind that more competition is on the way. “That’s very exciting,” he emphasizes.

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