Wolff shows understanding for Verstappen’s aggressive driving style: “That’s why he has come this far”


Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton will never be comparable to Michael Schumacher. Even if the Briton breaks the record for the number of world titles in F1, Wolff still refuses to lump them together. He also watches Max Verstappen during the all-important Grand Prix weekend in Abu Dhabi and gives him a nice compliment.

“No one ever gets bigger than Michael Schumacher. Although the statistics would point to Lewis, Michael has shaped a generation like no other. He is an icon’, Wolff opens at Bild. It is clear that for the Mercedes team boss no one is going to be as big as the German, although his biggest record would be broken by Hamilton.

That’s because Wolff doesn’t think you can compare gentlemen across generations. “You can’t really compare generations,” he says to the German medium. “Hamilton, for example, is the greatest of his generation.” Who will be the biggest of the next generation remains to be seen. Verstappen can take a nice step towards that name with a first world title in 2021.

Wolff praises the FIA ​​and Verstappen

According to Wolff, it is nice that the FIA ​​has sent a message to the teams reminding them of various points of the sporting regulations. One of those reminders was that intentionally causing collisions is not acceptable. ‘It’s unpredictable. It is good that after various situations in recent races, the race management has decided to emphasize the fact that deliberate incidents are not tolerated,” says the Austrian.

No one knows whether it will come from another collision. Wolff does understand that Verstappen’s merciless driving style has brought him a lot of good. “They are both racing very hard,” the team boss admits. “You have to know whether you can perform those kinds of maneuvers, even when you are not sure whether you will make the turn afterwards. However, that is how Verstappen has come this far.’

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