Wolff: ‘That’s why I shook Horner’s hand’


Toto Wolff does not think that the criticism of Max Verstappen’s driving style was fueled by a ‘media machine’ from Mercedes. Previously, Christian Horner suggested it did, and that’s why his rider was under fire. Wolff also explains why he shook hands with his British rival from Red Bull Racing after the press conference in Abu Dhabi. He wants to enter the last Grand Prix of 2021 with good feelings.

Horner spoke about the German title competitors after the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia and suspects that the influence of the team from Brackley is so great that they can place a real media attack on someone. “If you realize how big Mercedes is internationally.. They are one of the largest car groups worldwide. They have enormous power within the international media.’

“Compared to Mercedes, we pale in that area. As Lewis Hamilton once said, we are indeed just an energy drink manufacturer who at some point decided to go racing,” said the Red Bull team principal. According to Horner, Mercedes was able to start a kind of critical movement to the detriment of Verstappen through the enormous influence of the car brand.

Wolff surprised by Horner’s words

Wolff does not agree at all with Wolff’s words. First of all, he indicates that he does not see the competitors as glorified drinks suppliers at all: ‘I don’t know where that comes from, but I certainly didn’t say it and would never say it, because I have a lot of respect for Red Bull as an energy drink manufacturer and its race team.’

“That’s why I reached out to him, I don’t want to go into that last race with hostile feelings,” Wolff told The Race why he reached out to Horner at the end of the last press conference between the two team bosses. The team bosses have made it so furious in 2021 that even a handshake was seen as news.

Mercedes not a media machine, Verstappen’s driving style was criticized

Finally, he indicates that he thinks that it is not a media machine that has increased the criticism of Verstappen’s driving style, but the driving style itself. Many of the opinions the Austrian read offered more or less the same insight: “I think it’s a media machine, or everyone was just commenting on the way it was raced. After all, everyone had roughly the same opinion.’

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