Wolff understands frustration with Red Bull and Verstappen: “Not a bad word about them”


Toto Wolff understands very well that Red Bull Racing was extremely frustrated with the profession in Abu Dhabi. He emphasizes that his relationship with the Milton Keynes team is good and even thinks that the relationship between the two parties will improve after this season.

Last season we witnessed a fantastic title battle between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. The teams were very evenly matched throughout the season and managed to keep it exciting until the end. The championship was ultimately decided on the last lap of the last race, partly due to a controversial decision by the race management. Mercedes appealed afterwards, much to the frustration of Red Bull Racing. The Austrian racing stable made some fierce remarks, which Wolff can understand.

“The statements towards me certainly came from emotions,” Wolff is quoted by FormulaRapida. “I can understand that a protest can be frustrating when you have just won the race and therefore the title. I have nothing bad to say about Christian, Helmut, Red Bull or Max,” emphasizes the Mercedes team boss. “They were worthy competitors this year.”

Understanding from Red Bull Racing

“We fought like never before, on and off the track, but in the end they won the championship and that has to be recognized,” Wolff continues. “I think it will connect us more strongly in the future. We may have lost the championship with the decision in Abu Dhabi, but Helmut, Christian and Max are racers and we saw what happened.”

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“Of course there are the statements that similar things happened to them in the season as well,” the team boss added. “Maybe there’s some kind of balance, maybe not. But that one decision in Abu Dhabi was so brutal, the racer in them will recognize that. I know that. I think together we can change the rules to make decision-making more aware and that is in the interest of us, Red Bull and all the other teams,” said Wolff.

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