Wolff wants to see change after losing world title to Verstappen


It was Michael Masi who decided to race one more lap in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and wave past the drivers between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen beforehand. Toto Wolff was white-hot and indicated that he did not want to talk to Masi. But it’s also not that he wants it gone, simply because that doesn’t solve the bigger problem.

“I’m afraid it’s not just about the decisions of the race director,” Wolff told FPAL, among others. “I think race management is under a lot of pressure and that is partly our own fault.”

“I would have liked more consistent decisions to be made, which would have eliminated many of the controversies throughout the year. The last decision in Abu Dhabi was one decision, but one with the biggest consequences,” said Wolff. “From a sporting point of view, it had a catastrophic effect, because it decided the world championship.”

Wolff keeps faith in the future

Wolff watched with approval in the days following that race as the FIA ​​did not quite plead its own innocence, but instead launched an investigation into the procedures followed during those final laps of the Abu Dhabi GP. He hopes wise lessons will be learned.

“I am hopeful that together, i.e. with the teams, the drivers and the FIA, we can change the way decisions are made, so that the sport becomes stronger. These kinds of situations, as painful as they can be, are also an opportunity to make the sport better.”

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